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Texas Advance Behavioral Health
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Provider Referral Service
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Provider Referral Service

Continued patient care is important for our patients. Our provider referral service is for hospitals, primary care clinics, therapists, insurance company and other providers needing to refer a patient or family.

Referrals can be for hospital discharge follow up, initial psychiatric evaluation, and medication initiation and management.

The service is easy to use. Just provide the needed information and we will do the rest. Send the referrals, chart notes and any relevant documentation to the clinic.

Referral Online

Use our online Referral application to submit referrals and track referral status.

Referral by Phone

Refer a patient by calling us directly

+1 (682) 220 9615

Referral by Fax

Fill out and fax in a New patient referral form and any additional chart notes or relevant documentation

+1 817-394-7779

We would love to continue to work closely with you in providing excellent care for our patients and our community. Please us for any question or concerns.

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